Organic spirulina Lvc


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THE superfood to detox heavy metals from your body, eliminate candida,lower blood pressure and cholesterol, boost energy, loose weight and alleviate sinus issues, among many more….This one is certified organic by La Vie Claire : it’s very important to choose an organic and reliable supplier, as non organic can content loads of heavy metals


300 cp

Open basin culture: natural environment and ideal climate for the growth of microalgae. Dry and certified drying R.A.W – C.L.E.A.N: conservation of enzymes, guarantee of a living and nutritious product. Spirulina complies with the highest quality standards. Rigorous controls as well as microbiological analyzes. Cold pressed tablets without excipient, 100% pure spirulina. Exceptional nutritional and taste qualities.

Active ingredients: Protein 60%, Rich in phytopigments: Phycocyanin 15-19%, Carotenoids: 400-650 mg / 100g including Beta carotene: 150-250 mg / 100g and Xanthophyll: 250-470 mg / 100g, Chlorophyll 1.8%, Fatty acids Essential, Potassium, Iron, Calcium, Bioavailable Vitamins, Polysaccharides, Antioxidants


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