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Nettle silica organic Biofloral


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A good choice to help fighting muscles and joints soreness, as well as a well known global anti ageing (skin and hair)


Urtica dioica water nettle extract (99%), cider vinegar, grapefruit seed extract, acidifier: citric acid, essential oils: lemon, orange, mandarin, thyme, clove, oregano.Indications of Stinging Nettle:

– MUSCLE FATIGUE, TENDINOUS, ARTICULATIONS (A major element in all the support structures of the body, a cure makes it possible to face deficiencies).

– SKIN, HAIR, NAILS (Promotes the process of mineralization and flexibility).

– ANTI-AGING EFFECT (excellent antioxidant, acting against the aging of tissues, arteries and joints).

– POTENTIALIZING EFFECT (Allows the transport of other molecules conventionally used in therapeutics and increases their effectiveness).

– ION REBALANCING (Increases the resistance of the human cell and allows a better management of exchanges in the cellular metabolism.)


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