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Natural extract of grapefruit

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One of our favorite product !

THE natural magical product to boost immunity, fight colds, stomach acidity, rashes, worms, dandruff etc…

Citrobiotic is an extract of grapefruit pips guaranteed without any artificial agent of conservation nor pesticide. Food complement naturally rich in bioflavonoïdes and vitamin C. Citrobiotic, the extract of grapefruit pips is the ideal natural antibiotic. It constitutes best the ramparts against food poisonings, gastro-intestinal diseases and ORL, influenzas, mycoses. Citrobiotic returns inoffensive viruses, bacteria, mushrooms and parasites. Its action extends on a very broad spectrum and acts quickly. It is not toxic and supports the immune system. The Councils of use of Citrobiotic: 15 to 30 drops in water 3 times per day for an adult. A rule of ponderal proportion can be applied to the children and the babies 5 drops by 10 kg of weight, 3 times per day. 15 drops 3 times per maximum day for the pregnant women. A cure: To spend the winter under the best conditions by reinforcing the dynamism of the organization, 3 weeks of cure to the autumn are enough.

Would be too long to write (did you know that books have been written about it ?) , so have a look at their website :

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