Capipoux Melvita


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The organic solution to get rid of lice without giving toxic ingredients to our little ones…

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125ml – 100% natural, organic lotion which effectively eliminates head lice and nits. Formulated without synthetic insecticides or other chemicals, this highly effective lotion kills lice and nits by suffocating and dehydrating them. Capipoux contains anti-parasitic essential oils (lavender, geranium and basil) with active agents of vegetable origin which coat the insects, suffocating them and then drying them out. Neem and Garlic are not only recognized for their remarkable and insecticidal action but also for their repulsive activity. Rich in conditioning vegetable oils (Almond and Jojoba), the lotion is kind to the hair and scalp. Since lice cannot develop resistance to it, it can be used regularly without any problem.

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