OUR SPIRITEating is a feast !

At Kinoa, we believe that eating well will make you happy.

Our body is our home : let’s take care of it, let’s love it ! Let’s enjoy tasty meals, prepared with pure and healthy ingredients. Eating is a feast: rediscover the simple pleasure to eat while giving your body all the nutriments and vitamins it needs.

We also believe that the wellness of our planet is also our responsibility, and that it’s urgent to act now. That’s why we are sourcing a whole range of eco-friendly products that won’t pollute the water – and you will be surprised to see how efficient and cheap they are.

We believe so much that everybody is entitled to organic and healthy living and that it’s our mission to help, that we’re making big efforts to make our prices reasonable, to allow everyone enjoy our products.

We are sole distributor of one of the most famous and trustful brand in France, “La Vie Claire”, which is definitely a high end brand if you compare it to the other brands you can find in Hong-Kong. But our prices are the lowest possible, because we do believe it’s unfair to “punish” those who want to eat healthily.

So enjoy good life and smile ☺!

/ Founder

HOW WE WORKImported from Europe

All Kinoa products are imported from Europe by sea. Truly, although far less polluting than air freight, sea transportation has a negative environmental impact. But vessels come back almost empty from Europe to China so, with or without our shipments, the impact would be the same.

Our stock is based in Discovery Bay, 35 A Caperidge Drive, and even if Kinoa is an online store, you’re most welcome to come over, to see the products and have a chat with us. Cécile is always super happy to talk about her products, and to give as much as advices and recipes you need. Come and have a tea with us !

Once you passed an order, you receive an order confirmation. You can choose different options to get your products (post, home delivery, pick up at La Cabane in Hollywood road). And we are always ready to get you your feedback by mails or phone call – or your questions before your order if you need.

HIGH END PRODUCTSSole distributor of La Vie Claire

We are the sole distributor of La Vie Claire. La Vie Claire is the oldest and one of the three biggest organic brands in France.

They are certified organic (AB label for France, and Ecocert for Europe), so they are controlled regularly. On top of that, they have they own control and checking process – with independent laboratory- to make sure that all is perfect.

They source they product to local producers, and a good number of them are homemade like. Their taste is absolutely delicious. It’s not a punishment to eat organic, on the contrary !

La Vie Claire is a high end brand, and Kinoa is super proud to partnership with them ☺.

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